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For years, a close friend of ours, Robert Kemp, had spent his holidays in The Gambia. He had a real passion for its people and culture."

Sadly Robert passed away in September 2005 leaving me £200 in his will. Rob, me and our two daughters decided to return to the Gambia in April 2006, taking the £200 to buy something that we could keep in memory of Robert.
To cut a long story short – we were introduced to a small run down nursery school – Yankuba Bojang memorial school – which is situated in the back streets of Brikama.
The school was in desperate need of a new roof before the start of the rainy season - £100 of Robert’s money provided the roof – another £80 provided 10, 3 seated benches for the children to sit on in class. The final £20 paid to have a wooden plaque engraved with the words “The Robert Kemp Memorial Class",
I could not have thought of a better memorial to Robert.
That was the start to us, as a family, helping the nursery schools of the Gambia by fundraising and creating a sponsorship scheme



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Facts and Figures

arrowOfficial Name Republic of The Gambia

arrowCapital City Banjul

arrowPopulation 1,411,000

arrowLanguages English (official), and others

arrowOfficial Currency Dalasi

arrowReligions Muslim, Christian, others

arrowLand Area 10,000 sq km (3,861 sq miles)

The Gambia is a small, independent, West African state with a population of 1.5 million. It is situated around the river Gambia and surrounded by Senegal.
It was the centre for the slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Gambia was colonised by the British in 1889 and gained independence in 1965.
Whilst the Gambia is not, in terms of poverty and famine, one of the headline-hitting African states - it is very much a third world economy with an average household income of under £400 per annum.
Secondary education in the Gambia is free only to children over 8, but secondary schools usually do not accept children without a primary school education, which has to be paid for. Many families’ budgets cannot run to this, so as you might expect there are many who end up with no education and hence limited opportunity to work forward out of poverty.


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